Download Wallpaper Engine Full Crack [Build 1.0.1036]

Download Wallpaper Engine Full Crack [Build 1.0.1036]
Download Wallpaper Engine Full Crack [Build 1.0.1036] – Use stunning live wallpapers on your desktop.

Download Wallpaper Engine Full Crack [Build 1.0.1036] - Wallpaper Engine enables you to use live wallpapers on your Windows desktop. Various types of wallpaper are supported, including 3D and 2D animations, websites, videos and even certain applications.
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Release Name: Wallpaper Engine
Steam Version: Update Build 1.0.1036 (17 December 2017)
Size: 210 MB

Wallpaper Engine App Preview :

Wallpaper Engine Update Build 1.0.1036 Full Changelog :

Additions :

  • Added in-app report system.
  • Added content rating filter system.
  • Added tags: Sports, Girls, Guys.
  • Made playlist menu always show up so you can load and add more easily, added drag & drop.
  • Added apply wallpaper button to browser.
  • Made browser dynamically detect newly created wallpapers and show them without restart.
  • Added opacity setting to browser.
  • Added Steam cleanup that deletes empty folders when the browser is opened, after Steam connected and only if there are no active downloads.
  • Added filter count to browser if any filter is active to make it more obvious that a filter is active.

Fixes :

  • Disabled safe start when auto starting since Windows just doesn't shut the program down gently on some PCs which I should have expected because Windows.
  • Fixed shake shader causing black flashes on Intel GPU because of bad Intel Math driver optimizations. (Wallpapers need to be updated with the shader though. Open it in the editor, add the shake effect somewhere, remove it again, publish.)
  • Fixed scene properties loading after scheme color is read.
  • Fixed editor stream window sometimes failing to allocate memory because the program renders too fast.
  • Fixed maximized playback option being reverted.
  • Potentially fixed wallpapers not closing/reloading properly when fullscreen 'stop' is used.

Misc :

  • Changed video pause fade to be shorter if the volume is higher. You can disable fade with 'video audio output' for now.

Instructions :

Wallpaper Engine Update Build 1.0.1036
  • Extract Wallpaper Engine
  • Password:
  • Run Wallpaper32.exe (disable UI hardware acceleration)
  • Run Wallpaper64.exe (May use more RAM)

How To Download : "SKIPP PAGE"


Wallpaper Engine Update Build [210 Mb]


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