Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live) [Live Wallpaper Engine]

Preview Wallpaper Engine - Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live) :

Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live)

Rating: Everyone
Resolution: 1920 X 1080
Created by nightevgexa
Steam Workshop URL : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1187962538

Requested by Gabriel

Wallpaper Engine - Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live) Description :

Name: Kurumi Tokisaki, "Nightmare", "Evil Spirit", "cannibal"
Power Level: Low 6-V
Female gender
Classification: Spirit
Weak points: Maniac-sadist and serial killer (personally killed and shot several tens of thousands of people), prone to bouts of insanity; specificity of using his "Angel"
Her angel Zav'kiel is able to invoke her "Angel", which has the look of a clock possessing the ability to manipulate the time that Kurumi skillfully uses with an ancient pistol and musket. - massive watches with rifles and pistols. By shifting the arrows of this clock, she can control the time.
Zafkiel "Emperor of Time" - the ability to invoke his "Angel", taking the form of a watch with the ability to manipulate the time that Kurumi skillfully uses in combat with the help of an old pistol and musket.
A musket and a pistol are ritual weapons used to use the abilities of the "Angel". Weapon bullets have nothing to do with conventional rifle shells, but are created at the expense of the dark magical power of Nightmare.
Astral Dress (Elohim) - invulnerable astral armor, created by the magic of Spirits. They are the most powerful form of protection against various kinds of natural and supernatural attacks, and can also be freely transformed into any clothes at the will of Kurumi.
Invulnerability - Astral armor is immune to normal effects. This also means that even if their owner is fatally wounded, all sorts of conventional weapons (and physical attacks, not amplified by enough measured energy, are not capable of causing damage to the Spirit in principle), not exceeding the level of the strength of the astral attire, will still not be able to cause im doing some damage.
Resistance - Spirits have a high level of resistance to various natural and supernatural influences, including mental, spatial, limited conceptual and some others (able to withstand the absolute zero temperature, for example), including immunity to all types of chemical, biological, nuclear and any other the weapon that humanity invented.
A personal area is a magical field created by Spirits in a small range around itself. Based on the energy of dimensional interference and local distortion of the laws of physics, it is possible to suppress their opponents and weaker attacks, and also to cancel various intensifying effects, abilities and all sorts of magical manipulations.

How To Install :

  1. Download the Archive
  2. Password :  wallpaperengineworkshop.blogspot.com
  3. Extract the Archive to “wallpaper_engine\projects\myprojects” (If the folder myprojects is not existing just create it.)
  4. Select "Wallpaper" in Wallpaper Engine App. 
Password File Wallpaper Engine

Download : Wallpaper Engine Build 1.0.981 !!!UPDATE 23 November 2017!!!
Link Download [MEGA] : Wallpaper Engine - Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live) | [6 MB][ZIP][Loncat.in][Adf.ly]

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