Girl in Purple [Akemi Homura] [Live Wallpaper Engine]

Preview Wallpaper Engine - Girl in Purple [Akemi Homura] :

Wallpaper Engine - Girl in Purple [Akemi Homura]

Created by LoneWolfDon
Steam Workshop URL :

Requested by : Влад(Vlazer)

Wallpaper Engine - Girl in Purple [Akemi Homura] Description :

Enjoy watching this Fantasy scene of "Akemi Homura", an anime girl in purple.

I'm now accepting commisions to create wallpapers: 

Working with a static image, I added in effects of the rippling reflective water, a bit of a "sparkling" effect on the water, a slight mist over parts of the image, an aurora borealis effect, glowing particles / magical-like "fireflies" floating around, some glimmering stars, the occasional shooting-stars, a glowing light in the girl's hand, gave the girl a "breathing" effect. I've also included according background ambient sounds.

Video is high-definition (HD) and was rendered in 1920x1080 resolution and at 60FPS.
I've tried to make the audio and visual loop as seemlessly as I was able to.
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I added the various animation effects to the scene with the awesome DP Animation Maker software:

Image Artist: 稀泥 on : Pixiv dot net
Royalty-free sound effects from:
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How To Install :

  1. Download the Archive
  2. Password :
  3. Extract the Archive to “wallpaper_engine\projects\myprojects” (If the folder myprojects is not existing just create it.)
  4. Select "Wallpaper" in Wallpaper Engine App. 
Wallpaper Engine - Girl in Purple [Akemi Homura]

Download : Wallpaper Engine Build 1.0.981 !!!UPDATE 23 November 2017!!!
Link Download [MEGA] : Girl in Purple [Akemi Homura] | [64 MB][ZIP][][]

FROM ("scene.jhson") to ("scene.pkg")

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