Rem falling cherry effect + visual audio adjustable (Revision) [Live Wallpaper Engine]

Preview Wallpaper Engine - 蕾姆落樱效果+可视化音频可调整+支持壁纸自定义 (Revision) :

Wallpaper Engine - 蕾姆落樱效果+可视化音频可调整+支持壁纸自定义 (Revision)

Wallpaper Engine - 蕾姆落樱效果+可视化音频可调整+支持壁纸自定义 (Revision)

Created by 林木森森
Steam Workshop URL :

Requested by Mungo

How To Install :
  1. Download the Archive
  2. Password :
  3. Extract the Archive to “wallpaper_engine\projects\myprojects” (If the folder myprojects is not existing just create it.)
  4. Select "Wallpaper" in Wallpaper Engine App. 
Wallpaper Engine - 蕾姆落樱效果+可视化音频可调整+支持壁纸自定义 (Revision)

How To Download :


Download : Wallpaper Engine Build 1.0.823
Link Download [MEGA] : 蕾姆落樱效果+可视化音频可调整+支持壁纸自定义 (Revision) | [769 KB][ZIP][][]

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